I drew the image above during an art therapy class. The theme was “Me as a Tree”. There had been some serious bushfires in Victoria during 2019/2020, and Covid-19 had not quite hit the headlines.

This is a post sharing some of the stuff I’ve created over the years. I really think that having some sort of healthy outlet is a great way of working towards recovery and I guess this is all a part of mine.

I'm okay
I’m okay

“As the sun comes up for each new day, I remind myself that I’m okay”. Photo taken over the fence in my backyard during a sunrise some years ago.

Sometimes I need to remind myself more than just at the start of a new day. Sometimes it’s from minute-to-minute.

I try to cultivate (as much as possible) gratefulness in my waking moments, for the roof over my head, the food I get to eat, my friends and family and my therapy animals… I remind myself that here and now, in this moment: “I AM OKAY”.

False Standards
False Standards

Part of a longer piece of writing from 1997… Photo taken at a beach in Mt Eliza and edited in Canva.

Imagine Peace
Imagine Peace

I created this image using elements in Canva, with peace in mind and the hope that even if not today, one day very soon, this beautiful planet will find healing on every level and we can live in harmony with all things.

What else can I say except that, “I am an idealistic Aquarian”!

Lucid Life & Love
Lucid Life & Love

I wrote this as I experienced my fourth episode of psychosis at the age of 36.

I read it now and can still recall the inspiration for it. The first few lines refer to a dream I had in which I was at a dining table with others (not sure of how many), all of whom were me. I then found myself elsewhere within the dreamscape, no longer at the dining table.

Technological Revolution
Technological (r)Evolution

This charming snippet was written a couple of years after my first episode of what I am starting to think of as “alternate experiences of reality” (aka “psychosis”). It was 1996 and at the time I was working in an open-plan office environment where only one computer had access to the emerging www, and it happened to be the one I used. I remember opening this thing called a browser and wondering “now what?”

I love to take photos and this one was taken during White Night in Melbourne, 2018 or 2019.