I was crying. It’s a full moon, my period has decided to synchronise with it, I’m tired and forgot to take my meds. Anyway, so here I am crying and The Smiths are playing on my TV. Even better.

I distinctly asked my guides to show me something joyous. Next thing I’m talking to my friend via messenger (did I mention it was 5am?) and she sends me a YouTube link to a short film she has made. It’s called ‘Wind’.

So we chatted some more and I continued to listen to my 80’s mix (randomly put together by Apple based on my music library) and then I remembered the video. So I paused the music and had a watch. And I laughed a lot, sang along and laughed some more. It took me out of sadness and into a brighter mood. Laughter really is the best.

Next thing I am about to press play on the TV again when I noticed that I had been given what I asked for. Something “joyous”. I thanked my guides with a smile and as I go to press the button I saw the lyrics of Tori Amos’ “Angels” song (ffs), they read “they liberate your dreamscape, till you can’t remember to recall”. I felt this was saying that’s what your guides and joyous moments do. They change your mood so that you no longer sit in sadness.

If you ask for them.

PS. I highly recommend watching the video if you want a laugh too!

Angels on TV