The Impact of Psychosis

Image above: a praying mantis that appeared right near the handle of the back door to the mental health facility that I stayed in during part of 2017. It was past midnight and I had just stepped out to have a cigarette alone in the night, or at least I thought. The Carl Jung quote is there because I love his theories and ideas, particularly about synchronicity and the concept of meaningful coincidence. -------------------- What does it mean to be in psychosis? Usually it’s a combination of things that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) would call “delusions”, “ideas [...]

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Random Pieces of Mind

I drew the image above during an art therapy class. The theme was "Me as a Tree". There had been some serious bushfires in Victoria during 2019/2020, and Covid-19 had not quite hit the headlines. This is a post sharing some of the stuff I've created over the years. I really think that having some sort of healthy outlet is a great way of working towards recovery and I guess this is all a part of mine. I'm okay "As the sun comes up for each new day, I remind myself that I'm okay". [...]

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Questioning Reality: When ‘Happiness’ Comes with a Warning

I feel good. Not in a James Brown kinda way, just "good". I am content with life at the moment, feeling inspired to be creative in a variety of ways and enjoying my own company. This is the first time in many years -- so many I have lost count -- that I have felt this way. Because I have had the diagnosis of "schizoaffective disorder" offered to me and have experienced five separate episodes of psychosis, as well as long depressive patches too numerous to count, this feels foreign. Here I am, cruising along thinking "things are pretty [...]

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Inspiration for Recovery: Eleanor Longden

Eleanor Longden's recovery story is an inspiration. It took many years of challenging interactions with the medical system, much courage and tenacity to get to a point of having overcome her diagnosis of 'schizophrenia'. Her story tells us that we CAN recover and lead meaningful lives, in spite of our diagnoses.

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