Random Pieces of Mind

I drew the image above during an art therapy class. The theme was "Me as a Tree". There had been some serious bushfires in Victoria during 2019/2020, and Covid-19 had not quite hit the headlines. This is a post sharing some of the stuff I've created over the years. I really think that having some sort of healthy outlet is a great way of working towards recovery and I guess this is all a part of mine. I'm okay "As the sun comes up for each new day, I remind myself that I'm okay". [...]

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Synchronicity & Guides in Action

I was crying. It’s a full moon, my period has decided to synchronise with it, I’m tired and forgot to take my meds. Anyway, so here I am crying and The Smiths are playing on my TV. Even better. I distinctly asked my guides to show me something joyous. Next thing I’m talking to my friend via messenger (did I mention it was 5am?) and she sends me a YouTube link to a short film she has made. It’s called ‘Wind’. So we chatted some more and I continued to listen to my 80’s mix (randomly put together by Apple [...]

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